My Beauty Diary Squalene Repair Moisturizing Mask

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SP Revitalizing Relief Patch

Product Description

◆ Fresh Essence New Concept My Beauty Diary Mask Laboratory is designed from the foundation of Essence to design the perfect and refreshing Essence, a refreshing water formula, which is obtained from the essence of polymer water and has a clear texture and no burden on the skin No burden of retention.

Squalene is one of the important components of sebum. Scientists found that plant squalene, which has the same structure as squalene, can be found in olive oil. Good texture, fresh and not sticky, enhance skin absorption to create a soft, moisturizing and nourishing skin touch. Further repair the skin barrier to show the defense mechanism to avoid environmental pollution and light pollution, is a classic moisturizing repair ingredients!

◆ 3-Effect Superconducting Penetrating Polishing Hydrogel Aquaroad Quickly Opens Skin Channel Tinysome Penetrating Superconducting Essence, Introducing Essential Ingredients Cosphingo Sealing Perfect Sealing Active Ingredients

◆ Product Safety Assurance Do not add the full range of Paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments, fluorescent agents and other ingredients.

Additional Information

Usage After cleansing lotion, peel off the pearl film will be light facial mask in the face, about 20 to 30 minutes after the mask can be removed, if the face still has the essence of liquid can gently massage the pulp to help the skin to absorb, without water After cleaning, please repeat the routine lotion / cream maintenance procedures, the moisture component locked in the skin.
Ingredients ◆ capacity: 8 into ◆ shelf life: according to the packaging of the main packaging ◆ Ingredients: see the packaging instructions ◆ date of manufacture: according to the packaging of the main goods ◆ preservation methods: Please be placed in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight
Warning ◆ Do not use when the skin has a wound, eczema and other abnormalities.
◆ When using the skin is red, itchy, irritating and other abnormalities, please stop using and consult a physician.
◆ avoid accidentally strayed eyes, if accidentally strayed into, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
◆ Please place it where children can not get it.
Brand Beauty Diary

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