SENKA whitening specialist latex

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◆ Unique "Moisturizing Particle Extraction Technology" ◆ Moisturizing touch rapidly penetrates into every inch of skin ◆ Add whitening active ingredients ◆ Double Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizing) - Maintains moisturizing and moisturizing on the skin surface.
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SP Revitalizing Relief Patch

Product Description

◆ unique "moisturizing particle extraction technology" to refine the essence of ingredients, double the penetration of absorption, does penetrate the UV dry skin.

◆ Essence-like moist feeling quickly penetrate into every inch of skin, creating a moist, bright and transparent skin sensuality.

◆ add whitening active ingredient - stable vitamin C inducer to prevent black spots freckles.

◆ Double Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizing) - Maintains moisturizing and moisturizing on the skin surface.
Royal jelly GL (moisturizing) - deep into the deep horny, moisturizing direct muscle.
Efficient moisturizing ingredients Lipidure-increase water retention long-term, white more effective!

◆ without adding spices, pigments, through the sensitivity test. (Not all people do not cause allergy symptoms)

◆ Features Moisturizing Particle Extraction Technology ─ ─ unique to the unique "moisturizing particles extraction technology", whitening moisturizing ingredients will be more evenly absorbed.
With this system of treatment, whitening and moisturizing ingredients instantly absorb UV-damaged skin and rapidly penetrate every corner of the stratum corneum.

Lipidure - Lipidure is a moisturizing ingredient that creates a water-locking film on the skin with excellent water retention.
Lipidure fits snugly to the skin, keeping it moisturized like a cream and keeping the skin hydrated.

Additional Information


After using lotion, take appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and cover your whole face with both hands.
※ can be used with cotton pad.
※ For more dry parts to enhance the amount.


◆ capacity: 150ml
◆ shelf life: according to the packaging of the main packaging ◆ Ingredients: see the packaging instructions ◆ Date of manufacture: according to the packaging of the main goods ◆ preservation methods: Please be placed in a dry shade, to avoid sunlight


◆ Do not use when the skin has a wound, eczema and other abnormalities.
◆ When using the skin is red, itchy, irritating and other abnormalities, please stop using and consult a physician.
◆ avoid accidentally strayed eyes, if accidentally strayed into, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
◆ Please place it where children can not get it.


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