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Taiwan Souvenir

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  • I-Mei Dadaocheng Walnut Thin Bar Set
    Longan flavor and maltose melt, and with crisp walnut particles, sweet and non-stick teeth, mouth is a memorable good taste.
  • I-Mei Taiwan Q-pie
    Taiwan Q sent jujube sandwich heart deep Taiwan specialty pastry, with the classic beauty of the United States date cake for stuffing, covered with layers of crispy pie cake biscuits, the new creative handmade pastries, crisp outside the soft Q, brought to like the early adopters New consumer experience
  • I-Mei Taiwan Pure Pineapple Cake Set
    Yimei carefully selects 100% of Taiwan's high-quality pineapple, boiled for a long time by slow heat, the perfect integration of pineapple, sugar, malt, pineapple fiber slender, rich aroma and flavor, take you to the most pure pineapple banquet.
  • I-Mei Pineapple Cake Set
    Yimei carefully selects Taiwan's high-quality pineapple for a long time and slowly cooks the pineapple, melon, sugar and malt in a perfect fusion with a rich aroma and flavor that will bring you to the fragrant pineapple banquet.
  • I-Mei Pure Pineapple Cake
    Subversion past pineapple crisp pastry impression, pure pineapple filling with "pure pineapple" elaborate, less crisp than pineapple cake, crispy bread, sour and not greasy, traditional and innovative health good taste with unique The shape, can be described as the real "Wong Lai cake."
  • I-Mei Walnut Longan Thin Bar Set
    To longan, walnut, maltose made of delicious longan walnut cake, fragrant, sweet and not greasy, top delicious repeated aftertaste.